Welcome to the Speakeasy Corporation

Speakeasy Federation: Member Captain Validation Protocol

🙼Rank Requirements: 🟂 Ship Captain & ★ Squadron Commander

For NEW Speakeasy Members, this page is one part of the small amount of required reading. Please read carefully at your earliest convenience after joining, you'll be glad you did. If you have any questions or concerns in meeting these requirements, please contact Corporate High Command, Admiral-in-Chief & First Officer, Sentar.

Communication, Coordination & Convenience

Speakeasy prizes our mature, helpful and talented community of Captains and Officers, each of whom took the same path outlined below before formally becoming a Corporate Member & Captain. Until these few requirements are met, your rank cannot exceed 'Commander', which is effectively "Guest" and provides you with no special privileges.

Any new member or re-join to our Corporate Roster (as shown in HS) shall be provided a ~72h grace period, in which several things must occur:

🙼Initial Suggestions for =ALL=: Captains
  1. You should introduce yourself, however briefly. To help gain immediate credibility, indicate whether and which prior Corporation you were most recently a part, and a short statement which clear characterizes the reason and circumstances for terminating that relationship.
  2. Indicate your primary objectives, and what you hope to get from Speakeasy. e.g., "Red Star collaboration" or "help with how to best advance", etc.
  3. Acknowledge once you have read this Welcome Document, and indicate your intention to comply with the very few Requirements outlined below. Admiral Sentar is (he thinks) a reasonable person, and open to adjustments to these requirements on a case by case basis, but you must ask and plan to discuss, preferably via Discord.

NOTICE  Three On-Boarding Requirements

  1. Join Discord Server Click to Connect: tunbQCuor invite code: 7MPu8vQQPs.
    • Notice: Joining the Speakeasy Discord server is required.
    • We ask that you utilize Hades Compendium (iOS/Android) to record your current Technology level for each modulel.
    • We utilize Discord for collaborating generally, and especially in Red and White Stars.
  2. ** Track Module Technology: ** Per above, (#5), Admiral Sentar kindly requests you enter your Technology achievements into our Tech Database, and occasionally update this information as you advance.
  3. We expect Member Captain's to be respectful, mature and constructive.


We have just two hard rules in Discord:

  1. ☰ No Political Statements, Innuendos, References or Discussions Whatsoever ☰.
    1. Speakeasy is a NO DISCRIMINATION ZONE, we welcome Member Captains of all genders, race and creed. We do not accept and do not tolerate racist, sexist or other offensive statements or behaviors.

Naturally, failure to adhere to these simple Rules & Requirements is subject to very low tolerance and you may be demoted and/or summarily kicked out if you violate them.

  • For obvious reasons, it is highly recommended you remain logged in and utilize Discord for all types of discussion beyond some quick back and forth.
  • Please designate the same handle in Discord and HS to avoid unnecessary delay and confusion.
  • In order to see historical Discord conversation you must be authorized by a Fleet Admiral or Admiral-in-Chief and First Officer, Admiral Sentar; this requires both be simultaneously logged-in and only takes a minute.

If you have any trouble just say so in game chat.

Technology Research & Status Reports

MANDATED   Entering and maintaining the accuracy of the Speakeasy Corporate Fleet-wide Technology Database is handled by each Captain, and by utilizing the FREE iOS or Android App Hades Compendium. This also has a "bot" service, which is present on server 24x7. Please learn more and feel free to ask questions after visiting TECH.

Glossary of Terms

See: https://hades.st/terms

Remember: When you succeed, the Fleet succeeds. Those of us that have "been there" are eager to help you avoid the mistakes we made, and happy to answer any questions or respond to any ideas you may have.   Do not hesitate to "Ask An Officer".   All Speakeasy Officers have been commissioned in part because they are willing to help their team members, especially newer or junior Captains.

Basic Overview of Speakeasy Corporation & Fleet Operations

Native Star Operations (Yellow or Home Star): "NEST"

To learn what the ancient Admiralty through to Admiral Sentar have gathered about optimal home system operations, be sure to check out NEST!

Red Star Operations: "REST"

Red Star focused material is largely contained to this substantial page on the site, REST.

White Star (WEST) Fundamentals

We have two pages on the site dedicated to familiarizing Captains with our approach to White Star engagements. Understand that we take a highly strategic, very deliberate view toward execution and customize a plan to fit the participating Captains, our available technology (modules and tech level) and further tune that plan with all available information as the White Star itself is revealed, including enemy recon.

Find the basic here: WS101 and then move on to the more advanced topics at WEST.

Blue Star Advice (BEST)

Look here for the most recently updated "best practice" for Blue Star battles. Understand that so much depends on what modules you have and at what level that it is difficult to provide highly detailed guidance, but there is good general information here that should be real help to Notice-Intermediate (Blue Star) Captains. hades.st/best