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Fleet Module Research & Technology Database

This information is used to create the ideal Fleet for a given White Star Strategy & Battle Plan. .

Choosing Technology for White Stars (Initializing)
A special page discussing the most desirable technology for Senior Captains and Officers seeking to participate in White Star excursions was assembled for White Star #21 in early January in the year 5020, and is found here (if it appears out of date just ask): Recommended / Requested Technology Focus for White Star operations.

Tech Database

Tech Database (Hades Compendium) Discord Bot Commands

Bot Commands

Bot commands are entered by starting with the command prefix, which by default is '!', but individual servers can change this using the prefix command. Some commands can be sent, without prefix, to the bot via DM.

Help is available for all commands via the !help command, or !help .

Tech Reports

Format: !techreport or @Hades' Star Compendium#7820 techreport
Aliases: tr, tr-, techreport-, tr+, techreport+, tr, techreport
Group: Hades' Star (hadesstar:techreport)
Details: techreport will generate one or more tech reports of users tech based on the parameters you input.
You can specify any number of techs as well as tech groups ships, weapons, shields, mining, trade, and support.
Create multiple reports by adding the report defnitions separated by '|'.
The full format of this command is techreport <users, roles, all> | |
Add '-' at the end of the command for a more compact report, more suitable for mobile devices.
Add '+' at the end of the command for a web page report, also nice on mobile.

Tech Groups and Names:

This command also supports the following calculated values:
mspeed - Potential Mining Speed
(alias: miningspeed)
cargo - Potential Cargo Capacity
(aliases: capacity, tonnage, cargocapacity, cap)
Group Aliases:
ships: ship, p
structures: buildings, b
trade: trading, t
mining: m
weapons: weap, w
shields: shield, s
support: supp, u
allmods: mods, all, x
techreport all | ships | sheilds
tr @somerole | barrier emp tele
tr- | weapons | shields - Compact report
tr+ | weapons | shields - Report in Web Browser

To see the available abbreviations you can use for individual Technologies, just type this at the Discord prompt: `!t names ___' where _____ is either 't', 'm', 'w', 's', 'u' for Trade, Mining, Weapons, Shields & Utility, respectively. You can also inquire about ships, 'p', or ask for all mods at once using 'x' or 'all'.

Setting Tech Levels

Set Tech Levels using Hades Compendium, the App available on iOS and Android

Tech Reports (Discord)

You can view Tech Reports using Hades Compendium, or using commands in Discord.

Just type: '!help' to learn more.

Command List Under Construction

Hades' Star Commands

Attention: To see a Glossary of Terms, click on '▸ Details' just below:

Alternatively, Visit our Terminology resources

Glossary of Terms


[REGS] : Rules & Regulations
【HS】 : Hades' Star
【cerb】: Cerberus ship
【HSO】 : Hades Star Official Discord


【BB】: Battleship
【TT】: Transport
【MN】: Miner
【sent】: Cerberus Sentinel
【cept, insep】 : Cerberus Interceptor
【colo】: Cerberus Colosus
【bomb】: Cerberus Bomber
【phx】 : Phoenix
【EBB】: Enemy Battleship
【BBA】: Battleship in Alpha
【BBB】: Battleship in Bravo
【BBC】: Battleship in Charlie
【BBD】: Battleship in Delta

【SC】: Starcraft (Any Ship)
【BG】: Battle Group (⊂ Fleet)
【TF】: Task Force (⊂ Battle Group)
【FF】: Friendly Forces
【AF】: Advance Force; Alpha Group
【BF】: Beta Force; Bravo Battle Group

【DG】: Delta Battle Group
【Delta Ops】: Special Operations
【Ranger】: Single BB Mission
【SALT】: Secure Artifact Transport & Security

Stations & Home System (NEST)

【RSG】 : Red Star Gate
【BSG】: Blue Star Gate
【WL】 : Warp Lane
【TS】 : Trade Station
【Diplo】: Diplomacy Station
【CX】: Cargo Capacity / Extension
【Comp】: Shipment Computer

【OBJ】: Objective

【RS】: Red Star
【BL】: Blue Star
【BS】: Blue Star
【BLS】: Blue Star
【WS】: White Star

White Star Operations

【BP】: Battle Plan
【HW】 : Home Warp / WS Exit (WS)
【EW】 : Enemy Warp/Exit (WS)
【WG】 : White Star Gate

【TM】 : Time Machine (WS)
【PROD】 : Primary Planet: Relic Origination & Distribution
【PREP】 : Planet for Resource Enabled Production
【RP】 : Relic Planet (Typically the Primary)
【PX】: Level 10 Planet (WS)
【PV】: Level 5 Planet (WS)
【EPV】 : Enemy Level 5 Planet (WS)
【P1, PI】: Level 1 Planet in WS
【PVL/PXL】: Level 5/10 Planet "Map Left"
【PVR/PXR】: Level 5/10 Planet "Map Right"
【PLR】: "Planet of Last Resort"; Level 1 Planet in White Star
【CFO】: Combined/Coordinated Fleet Operations

【WEST】: White Star Engagements: Strategy & Tactics
【YEST】: Yellow Star Engagements: Strategy & Tactics
【NEST】: Native (Home Star) Economics, Strategies & Tactics
【REST】: Red Star Engagements: Strategy & Tactics
【BEST】: Blue Star Engagements: Strategy & Tactics


【B】 : Battery
【MB】: Mass Battery
【DL】: Dual Laser
【TP】 : Teleport
【TW】 : Time Warp
【RSX, RX】: Red Star Life Extender
【REP, RR】: Remote Repair
【BAR】: Barrier
【SUP】 : Suppress
【EMP】: "EMP"; Electro-Magnetic Pulse
【AR】: Alpha Rocket
【DR】: Delta Rocket

Relic, Tier & Tech Table

Trade Mining Weapons Shields Support
1 Cargo Bay Extension Hydrogen Bay Extension Battery Alpha Shield
2 Shipment Computer Mining Boost, ENRICH Laser Delta Shield EMP, TELEPORT, Red Star Life Extender
3 Rush, Trade Boost Remote Mining Mass Battery Passive Shield REPAIR, Time Warp, UNITY, Sanctuary
4 Trade Burst Hydrogen Upload, Mining Unity Dual Laser Omega Shield Stealth, Fortify, IMPULSE, ALPHA ROCKET
5 Shipment Drone, Offload Crunch, Genesis Barrage Mirror Shield Salvage, SUPPRESS
7 Recall Vengeance, Delta Rocket
8 Area Shield Leap, Bond
9 Mining Drone Alpha Drone
10 Omega Rocket