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Blue Star Engagements: Strategy & Tactics

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Blue Star Tutorials: Volume I

Blue Star Bonanza

▸  ALERT: Maximize Blue Star Benefits

This is first hand information regarding the opportunity to win significant credits from Blue Stars, as was roughly outlined in the HS release notes for the current update:

Each day, a non-Sanctuary Blue Star engagements provides us with an opportunity to win credits equal to the value of the Battleship that won, whether or not you were to lose it. In other words win, and you get your ship back plus its value in credits both, lose and get just the credits to (almost) replace it. (less 10%)

Blue Stars hold tremendous potential** benefits for every captain, and therefore every Captain in the Corporate Alliance will want to alert both their Finance Ministry, and direct their individual Military to maximize Blue Star activity as often as possible each day.

▸ Given the above, it is objectively foolish NOT to attempt every possible Blue Star engagement offered each day, with one important exception:

Exception: Once the Credits area no longer shows the Replacement Cost figure directly to the right of a Battleship icon, you are gambling against very poor odds. (1:4 against, and just a 1:1 payout). When this occurs, you should either re-equip Sanctuary or if this is not possible, then cease Blue Star operations until you reset the following day.

Blue Star & “Pot Odds”

Anyone who has become proficient at Poker, and especially No Limit Hold’Em poker, knows that when the amount you stand to win is greater than the stake required to try, the bet should be made. This same principle works over time, such as this example using

Blue Star events:

  1. There are five contestants, and only the one who is left standing after all others have been destroyed can win the credit category offered.
  2. All else assumed equal, this would mean that over time, you would average exactly 1 win out of every 5 tries (4:1).
  3. When you do win, you receive the full replacement cost of your ship, which for this example we will say is 100,000 credits.
  4. The math is simply this: If you lose four times (–40,000K) but win every fifth (+100,000), you are going to gain $60,000 for every five Blue Star engagements attempted.
  5. Naturally you might be able to perform much better than other Captains, and to the degree that is true you will further profit over and above the amounts shown here. The reverse is also true.
  6. On Losing: Although some would argue that “all else is never equal” and be technically correct, I would suggest that anyone who is a Member of this Alliance is much more informed and supported than other Members, *and that at the very, very least, will perform at an “average” level, meaning the argument above stands.   Other Notes: Beware equipping your ship with Lasers in Blue Stars, unless your Battery Tech is three or more below Laser Tech, since these most often do not have the time needed to ramp up in damage. Likewise, avoid allowing sustained Laser fire from any ship, because even the Laser 4 on a Colossus eventually reaches 280/sec., very near the equivalent of Battery 8, a technology four tiers above!

Weapons Comparison

See Cerberus Weapon chart

Battle Simulation 1911_22

BEST_1911_21 from sentar.

Battle Simulation c. 1908

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