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Smart Corporations discuss fleet allocation and tactics extensively, before, during and in de-briefing after every mission.

   —From: Hades Star ⁝ "The Ancients"

Speakeasy Federation: White Star Participation Requirements

The following is a general summary of what the corporation requires from each Member Captain in terms of White Star engagements. These rules are not written in stone, but they should be considered guidelines that if ignored, will lead to a complete separation from the Corporation. Understand that these are not intended to be burdensome requirements. The goal is that they are reasonable and achievable by just about any Captain who A) Makes a reasonable effort to comply; and B) Enjoys a relatively typical lifestyle and work life profile.

  1. Every Member Captain shall make themselves available and remain fully engaged for the duration of each White Star engagement.
  2. Such White Star engagements shall consist of at least 5% (five-percent) of the calendar days, on average over time.
    • Example, one White Star (each lasts 5 days, including a 12-hour preparation period). --i.e. Effectively two White Star engagements per annum, quarterly (2 WS within a 3 month time span).**

ATTENTION: Membership in Speakeasy includes the following three (3) Mandatory Requirements:

  • REQUIREMENT #1: Join our Discord Server
  • REQUIREMENT #2: Update & Maintain the WS Scheduling Tool
  • REQUIREMENT #3: Enter & Maintain Technology Level Database
  • Requirement #4: Participate in White Stars

WS Information Resources

Please read both White Star resource pages located at:

  1. WHITE (this page), mostly general, generic & high-level information, but contains essential knowledge every Captain must keep in mind.
  2. WEST, aka "White Star Engagement Strategy & Tactics, which contains much more specific information unique to White Star operations and the Speakeasy playbook.

White Star: Planning

A Battle Plan is created prior to and tailored for each White Star Engagement. Participating Captains and Officers must carefully review and confirm their understanding of each Battle Plan: Phase prior to the WS Search. Naturally, the Plan is updated soon after the WS is revealed, in order to adapt the plan to the realities of the battlefield.
Remember: Working with and against real players adds a completely new dimension to the gameplay that you will not find in any other area of the game. This includes the fact that every human players has access to all regular ship types and modules. They can and will often be clever, lure you into traps, and sometimes let you down or come to your rescue when you least expect it.

  • ★ White Star GOAL: To claim Relics for your Corporation
    • Relics spawn on the planets over time, at various intervals determined by the level of the planet: 1, 5 or 10.
    • Miners speed up Relic generation by depositing Hydrogen on the planets, which must be mined from within the White Star system.
  • ★ White Star SHIPS:
    • Every ship type has a unique and critical role in every White Star.
    • Battleships: Defend against, or attack the other Corporation's ships
    • Transports pick up Relics and must get them to safety (warp home) in order to claim.
    • Miners: Per above, Miners accelerate the production of Relics.
  • ★ White Star Captains
    • Each Player brings: Two 2 ships total to the White Star:

      • One (1) Battleship and
      • One (1) Transport =OR= One (1) Miner
Time Conversion: White Star <> Home * Red Stars
WS Rewards

The reward for participation in the WS will be the calculation on the balance of credits, hydrogen and a few crystals on the results of the exported artifacts and actions of the player. In case of exceeding the storage limits, the reward will be transferred to the crystals at a reduced rate.

WS Strategy & Tactics

See 'WEST' at https://hades.st/west

WS Archives

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