Hades Star⁝Speakeasy Inc. ⁝ Social, Military & Economic Alliance

Hades Star: Welcome to Speakeasy, Inc.

Welcome to the Speakeasy Corporation’s Center for Galactic Intelligence

Greetings from Speakeasy Corporation’s Admiral-in-Chief, founder and CEO, Sentar, hailing you from Sector EOS–7564. On behalf of all Speakeasy Officers, I invite you to browse the public portions of this website and to potentially utilize some of what we have learned to your own benefit.

We are currently accepting new Members who meet the basic criteria posted in-game. If you have questions before you wish to join, please make sure you meet the criteria first, then find us on Discord.

Speakeasy has grown by retaining like-minded, genteel individuals who know how to respect each other, and the game. As this website helps to show, we are serious about optimal play, but having fun is the priority, as is winning, and sharing what we learn, especially to assist our newer Members as they rise to eventually become Officers in our ranks.

We understand that IRL responsibilities come first.

Ranks are meaningful at Speakeasy. Meaning, you can count on an Officer having elite skills, and to be welcoming and helpful.

We have daily Red Star Co-Op around the clock, and while our operative language is English-Only, we have an International roster, with Members of our Corporation in at least 10 different time zones.

We engage in White Star matches as often as possible, typically ⋝ once per month.

Speakeasy Battle Group Logo: Alpha Group

Battle Group Alpha: Designation Badge
NEST ⁝ /nest Native Stars
“Native & Empirical Strategies & Tactics ”
TECH ⁝ /tech Technology/Mods
“Technology: Engineering & Computing HQ”
REST ⁝ /rest Red Stars
“Red Stars: Enhanced Strategies & Tactics”
BEST ⁝ /best Blue Stars
“Blue Stars: Effective Strategies & Tactics”
WEST–100 ⁝ /west White Stars
WEST–101 ⁝ /white White Stars: Introduction
# WEST = “White Stars Engagement Strategies & Tactics”
# APCS = Admirals ⁝ Privileged Systems"
Access Restricted

WEST ⁝ R&D Facility (Jump Ship)